Advantages of Laminated Glass

Safety glass is used in hundreds of different applications, listed below are just a few of the different areas where it is used:

·         Glazed doors and  side panels

·         Low-level glazing (located below 800mm from the floor).

·         Household furniture.

·         Kitchen cabinet glazed doors and shelving.

·         Bathroom shelving.

·         Shop Windows.

·         Shopping Centres.

·         Public bar, shelving, partitions and mirrors.


In all building projects including the ones above, there are many benefits of using Unilam 1418 laminated glass which include:


• Safety

• Security

• Sound Reduction

• UV Control

• Weather

• Durability

• Design Versatility

• Installation Ease



Ordinary window glass is brittle, breaking into long sharp pieces which can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. The principal feature of laminated safety glass is its performance under impact. Unilam 1418 absorbs the energy of the impact, resisting penetration. Although the glass may break, the glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the Unilam 1418 interlayer. In glass skylights, sunspaces, sloped glazing installations and curtain walling, there is always the possibility of breaking glass. Without the inclusion of Unilam 1418 laminated glass, that could result in a lot of injuries and safety issues with falling glass. This is why many building codes worldwide require laminated glass for overhead glazing.



Windows are the main point of entry for intruders due to the ease of breaking the glass and forcing entry, however, laminated glass can resist their intrusion. Even when broken, the Unilam 1418 interlayer continues to safeguard the building until the glass is replaced. Certain specifications of laminated glass can be manufactured to withstand bullets and bomb blasts by using multiple or thick layers of glass and interlayer.

The continuing rise in urban crime and terrorism has created a growing need for safety glazing materials to ensure the safety of people at all times. Unilam 1418 has successfully passed the British standard Glass in Building: BS EN 12600 and a copy of which can be supplied by request.


Sound reduction

Sound pollution can be a problem in both the work and home environment. Unilam 1418 laminated glass has proven to be an excellent resistance to noise and sound dampening.

This is due to the properties of the Unilam 1418 interlayer which helps by absorbing the sound which passes through the laminated glass. Test certification can be supplied by request showing the various thicknesses of glass and the relevant frequencies they can deter.


UV control

The major cause of deterioration and fading of furnishings and pictures is the effect caused by short-wavelength UV radiation. UV-absorbing additives in Unilam 1418 laminated glass can screen out almost all these damaging rays without compromising the interlayer.

Projects completed over 15 years ago using Unilam 1418 are still in use and have not experienced the ‘yellowing effect’ that most other competitive materials do.



As mentioned there are a number of projects which have been manufactured using Unilam 1418 over 15 years ago which are still in use and have maintained there colour and strength. This demonstrates the durability of the Unilam 1418 product and the confidence you can place in the product when specifying laminated glass to your customers. It is important to note that laminated glass can be cleaned just as ordinary glass can.


Design versatility

Virtually any combination of glass types can be used with the Unilam system, this includes Float, sheet, toughened, heat strengthened, bent, mirrored, fused, patterned and wired offering our customers endless product possibilities.

By adding colour pigments from the Unilam range, the customer can add further design aesthetics or privacy needs.

You are also able to laminate materials such as steel, fabrics, organic material (leaves, grass etc), pictures and more using Unilam 1418. As well as incorporating the sandblasted effect inside the laminate, by laminating the sandblast inside the glass your design cannot be at the mercy of stains, fingerprints, abrasions or harsh cleaning products. The result is a durable, easy-to-maintain, decorative product with the full safety performance of conventional laminated glass.


Installation ease

Laminated glass is simple to install. Laminated glass panels can be cut to size and can also be drilled and edged when fully cured.


With Unilam resin systems you can be sure of producing a cost effective high performance product every time

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